Learning Management Solutions

Does Babel-U-Exams(B-U-E) keep track of users results?

Yes, all completed exams can be accessed either through the exam page or via the users view. Administrators can also control how many results B-U-E should track.


Can I prevent the user from repeating the test after they've submitted it?

Yes, you can control how many times a student can take an exam. As well as how often they can take it with built in retake limits and delays that can be set for each exam.


Can I restrict access to only registered users?

Yes, B-U-E gives you the ability to restrict access to individual exams using the native Joomla ACL control.


Can I export student results into a spreadsheet?

Although B-U-E doesn't support direct export to xsl or other spreadsheet formats, you can export filtered results into CSV format. Since CSV can be easily imported into all major spreadsheet programs and databases, getting the results into your spreadsheet is a snap.


Does B-U-E come pre-loaded with exams?

The B-U-E component does not come packages with any exams. If your interested in exam construction please contact us and we can discuss your requirements in detail.


Is it possible to upload a word document with this component?

Although it is in the project road map. B-U-E doesn't currently support file uploads.


Is B-U-E only for language proficiency exams?

Although B-U-E was designed for online language proficiency exams, there are no limitations on what kinds of problems you can create with this component.


Is B-U-E compatible with Joomla 3.0?

Yes, B-U-E has been compatibility tested on Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3.0, and Joomla! 3.1


Can B-U-E test students pronunciation? 

At this time, this feature is not supported. However it is in the project road map and we are working hard to get it implemented.


Does B-U-E automatically generate certifications?

No. We decided not to implement this type of feature, because certification is really an administrative task. Implementing such a feature would require us to make a lot of assumptions about how you run your business or school. As a rule we try not to force our assumptions on our clients. Instead we focus on making B-U-E the most comprehensive test management system available for the Joomla CMS.


Does B-U-E have Paypal integration?

We don't like making decisions about how you should run your business. That is why B-U-E doesn't have built-in Paypal Integration. instead we made sure that B-U-E uses the native Joomla user system, so your free to choose whatever eCommerce solution works for your project and rest assured knowing that B-U-E will integrate with it.


Do you offer an admin demo?

To be honest we tried to offer a demo of the admin area, but we spent more time cleaning it up than we did working on the component. So instead we decided to offer a full 60 day money back guarantee, so that you can try to use it for your project risk free. Another benefit is when you decide that B-U-E is the right solution, you haven't wasted any time in some make believe website. All the effort invested in learning B-U-E's administrator interface goes towards completing your project.


How many domains can install the component on?

Personally we feel that domain installation restrictions go against the spirit of Open Source and the GNU, so there are no limitations to the number of domains you can install the component on. However we ask you to remember that all purchases help insure that we can continue to provide you with amazing solutions.