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Mathew Lenning and Family

About Me

My name is Mathew Lenning. I am a 33 year old dreamer, a dedicated husband, father of two really crazy boys and firm believer in the power of education to change lives.

About Babel-University

I started the Babel-University project in 2010, because I wanted to create a website to help my students study English in their free time.

Little did I know that what started out as one man's mission to teach English to his Japanese students would exploded into a one man mission to provide the most dependable learning management solutions for the Joomla!® content management system.

I've always wanted to dedicate my life to something that really matters. I believe this project is the realization of that dream.

I am honored that so many have put their faith in my extensions. I could not have created Babel-University without you. Thank you for all your inspiration, feedback and support.

Mathew Lenning
Suite 3472
1100 W. Kent
Missoula, MT 59806
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